Why Don’t You Play In Hell?

Posters now available!

Acclaimed Japanese director Sion Sono’s “Why Don’t You Play In Hell?” will screen at the Byrd Theatre in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday, February 21st, 2015 at 1:30pm! After the film, join Rick Spears and myself in the lobby, where we will be signing copies of “The Auteur” and limited edition prints of my poster commissioned for the film!!!

Why Don’t You Play In Hell?” is one of the latest releases of Austin-based distribution company Drafthouse Films, adding it to a quickly growing catalog of amazing films. Also premiering is the short film “Black Eyes“, written and directed by Rick Spears, with the entire event hosted by star of Midnight Frights: Armistead Spottswoode.

The Byrd Theatre is located at 2908 West Cary Street, Richmond VA. Tickets for the movie are $5. Afterwords, join us across the street at the Portrait House for great food and drink, with happy hour prices for ticket stub holders from 4 -7pm.

For updates to this event, visit the facebook page. To learn more about ‘Why Don’t You Play In Hell?’ visit Draft House Films for information about other showings, ways to watch online, and how to buy your very own copy of the movie complete with Barf Comics fold-out poster.


Lovenskate: Energy Drunk

I drew this skate deck for Lovenskate. They are so awesome to get to work with because they screen print their own boards and send process photos. These guys are amazing, and really deserve taking the time to check out their projects. Lovenskate also did this collaboration with Confussion Magazine, the best skate mag in the world today.


2013 Bandcamp favorites

So in the past year or so, I’ve started to use the bandcamp site a lot to find new music. I’m really into the simplicity of it, and as of yet, it has not been overly co-opted by major labels or big acts. I know it’s pretty late to be posting a ‘best of’ list for last year, but maybe I didn’t want it to get lost in everybody else’s obligatory annual countdown nonsense. Or maybe I just didn’t get around to it until now. Some of these are close friends, some are people I’ve never met, and some I’ve met as a result of becoming a fan of their music and sending them art. So check’em all out and support the ones you’re into.

The Auteur!

Written by RICK SPEARS, illustrated by JAMES CALLAHAN, and colored by LUIGI ANDERSON, the Auteur issue #1 is available to order now!

Fresh off the biggest bomb in Hollywood history, disgraced and desperate producer Nathan T. Rex enters a downward spiral of drugs and depravity in a quest to resurrect his career and save his soul. Over budget and behind schedule on the latest installment of the horror franchise, PRESIDENTS DAY, T. Rex is backed into a corner by bad publicity, a crap project, and a jerk studio exec, but finds salvation at a strip club by huffing glue, and a chance encounter with cable news. Welcome to the most deranged, notorious, and hilarious comic of 2014! We apologize in advance.

Eric Powell, famed creator of THE GOON, drew this limited edition variant cover! While supplies last!!!

“An engrossing comic that’s downright beautiful in its seediness and proximity to the bowels of Tinseltown.” -Comic Book Resources

“This nutjob little story will almost immediately turn most readers away.” -Comic Bastards

These posters are for films from prolific producer, Nathan T. Rex, showing some of his most famous successes and failures…

See a sneak peek at the  Previews order page.  The Auteur #1 hits stores 3/5/2014. Tell your local comic shop that you need 1 million copies! The first issue is also available to purchase on the Oni site.


Shiva the Destroyer

This is a commissioned painting/illustration of Shiva the Destroyer smith grinding a canyon edge. This is not my typical process, but it was an interesting, albeit time consuming, experiment. Over all though, I feel it was successful. Take a look at the process images below to see how I got from concept to completion.

Rome Snowboards SHIV series

These are the first snowboards I have had the privilege of designing.

The series is called SHIV were commissioned by Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate. The concept was was basic enough: to create these three separate scenes of a zombie beach party portraying surfing, volleyball, and BBQ. The part where I got carried away was unnecessarily triangulating the three images to create a three dimensional scene. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if that obsession with continuity is an asset or a hindrance. Either way, I hope you enjoy them!

The Auteur #1 Premature Release

advance copies of The Auteur #1 will be premiered at the NY Comic Con this week… See what Oni Press has to say about it….